A complete payment solution

Handle billing and money transfers for any system

A simple and easy way to manage invoices, connect payment entities and audit payments

Electronic Invoice System
Payment Gateway

An API and a UI specifically designed for Governments, Banks, Traders and Citizens

As a Merchant, you can integrate your application with our easy to use API to accept payments. Using a unique endpoint, you can integrate with many financial entities (Banks, Credit Cards, Mobile Money, Prepaid Internet Cards). Users will reach a configurable interface integrated with any design and pay seamlessly.

Payment Gateway
Electronic Invoice System

Electronic Invoice System

Users can access, review and pay all their bills in one place

Merchants can integrate their application with the billing system to generate bills. After having visualized the details of a bill, a User can decide to pay the bill and be redirected to our payment gateway. No hassle creating invoices. Cheaper than paper

Audit, Reporting and Notifications

Never lose trace of your payment activities. Generate beautiful reports of the transactions. Get Notified about any event

Our systems of audit, reporting and notifications are standalone applications and comply with the Payment Gateway, the Billing System or both. Using Big Data technologies, you are able to retrieve quickly large quantities of information. Our trained Machine Learning models can accurately predict when a transaction will be fraudulent.

Audit, Reporting and Notifications

Let's build a solution together

We can provide a full payment solution with up to date technologies and customized to your needs. When the solution is developed, we will happily train you to use it and even customize it yourself.

Cutting Edge Technology
We provide software using the latest technologies with research in Machine Learning, Blockchain and Big Data
Full Customization
Our solution can be tailored to your needs. Our easy to use API can integrate any existing system.
We are dedicated to providing training to our customers and transfer know-how as it is at the heart of our business philosophy
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