Paylican Gateway

An API and a UI specifically designed for Governments, Banks, Traders and Citizens

Merchant’s Interface

As a Merchant, you can integrate your application with our easy to use API to accept payments. Using a unique endpoint, you can integrate with many financial entities (Banks, Credit Cards, Mobile Money, Prepaid Internet Cards). Users will reach a configurable interface and pay seamlessly.

Thanks to our interconnection with financial institutions, banks and mobile operators, online payments are fully automatic and are made without any manual intervention, both for the payment and for the distribution of funds to the beneficiaries' bank accounts.


The Payment Gateway offers Banks several connection types, which we can summarize in two main typologies, namely online bank transfer and cash payment.

Credit/Prepaid Cards

National or international cards are accepted on our payment platform. Depending on the conditions of the country, we connect directly with the credit card network or we use a third party.

Mobile Money

Mobile Money and Online Wallets are integrated directly for immediate payment. The Payment Gateway also offers the payment method via Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD).


Our payment platform is able to process payments and fund transfers to multiple beneficiaries, as well as automatically perform reconciliation operations.